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If you are a parent this question might have you cringing behind the steering wheel. Especially if you live in South Africa and you are on a road trip of note.

I do ask the same question to Mariaan though – every morning. So I have sympathy with her situation with me!
Mariaan does a stellar job in going into the vineyards every day and sampling bunches from specific sites. She then comes to the cellar and makes juice from the samples to be tested.

Following this regime every vineyard has a blueprint of ripening and it also flags us to when we should start tasting the grapes for picking. I would love to say that we only taste the grapes for picking but having analysis to underline your decision helps a lot!

So here I`m filming Mariaan sampling. You can’t hear me asking it on the video, but my next question to her would be…..Are we there yet?


Today was a great breather from the warmer weather we have been experiencing the last few days. We were very interested to see what the heat`s influence was on our grape`s analysis so this morning we started sampling and testing!

In the photo below, we are testing our Chenin Blanc from a vineyard called Driehoek (or Triangle vineyard). Some of the plantings in this vineyard date back to 1963 and 1979, which makes it quite humbling (note the winemaker and viticulturist not even being a twinkle in our parent’s eyes in those years).

As said in the previous post we had experienced some cloudy weather during flowering, so to make sure that we get samples that paints the best possible clear picture – we are using bunch samples this year.

Results on this vineyard show that we did not have a significantly higher rise in sugar in the last few days, but we did lose a small bit of valuable acidity. Still have a few days before these grapes do come in. In the meanwhile, we will be dreaming of the lovely granny smith and honeysuckle notes released from these little berries. Bliss…